Welcome to the Official Website for Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG #2037) of Southwest Florida.


If you are interested in becoming a member of our Chapter, please PM us or email directly to IMRG@stusmotorcycles.com


Annual Dues for the Chapter is $24.00. Local membership also gives you a 10% discount on accessories and parts at Stu's - certainly a great benefit.


Stu, owner of Stu's Motorcycles, is committed to the development of an active IMRG Chapter at the dealership and we thank him for his interest and investment to this group. We are just beginning our 2nd year as an IMRG Chapter.


We hope that you have joined the National IMRG (all new bike purchase give you a one-year free membership to the National IMRG). If you have not been to the website, here is the link https://imrgmember.com/about . Here you will find the different types of membership and any perks they provide. You will also see the Chapters across the country on the map, and eventually we will be on that map for you to join our Chapter should you wish to join.


Comments or suggestions for rides or events are welcome; we are here to enjoy the ride. All upcoming rides will be posted here as well as sent to our members via email.


Pre-ride meetings will be held every first Saturday of the month to discuss group news, safety, final destination and anticipated route. I don't feel the need to discuss any rules of this Facebook Page since we are all adults with a love of Indian Motorcycles.


For getting in touch:

Dick Draffone (Double D) – President Email: IMRG@StusMotorCycles.com

Mike Glavin – Vice President Email: IMRGSWFLVP@gmail.com

Open - Secretary Email: IMRGSWFLSEC@gmail.com

Ruby Redheart - Marketing Coordinator Email: IMRGSWFLACTIVITIES@gmail.com